Press Release September 2018

As the long, hot summer fades into the heat haze of a memory, spare a thought for the local charity ‘The Cheerful Sparrows.’

During the hottest of days in July, the charity answered an urgent call for help and provided bedside fans for all the patients in the Cheerful Sparrows Wards at the QEQM Hospital, Margate. *

“We take pride in being able to support the hospital and respond to urgent needs in the whole community of Thanet,” said Jan Buckley, Chair of the charity.….“Sadly after nearly a hundred years of helping local people, unless we raise much-needed funds, we will only be able to keep going for another six months. We have tried our utmost and are very grateful to those who have helped us with local fundraising events. However, we do not qualify for lottery grants or donations from large companies as we do not have a major project that they want to fund. We help people in all sorts of small ways to make a big difference to their lives. With 50% of children living in poverty in some areas of Thanet, the replacement of a broken washing machine or help with school uniform can be a turning point for the whole family. Children can go to school in clean clothes with their heads held high, ready to make the most of school life.”

The Cheerful Sparrows are determined to continue their work if they can.

* Cheerful Sparrows are very grateful to the Culmer family for the donation towards the fans in memory of Mrs. Kay Culmer and in recognition of the care that she received at the hospital.
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