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Coronavirus Appeal

This is a special appeal from Cheerful Sparrows to all the lovely people who have helped us in the past and to those who might help us now. We are still supporting our wonderful NHS and keeping in touch with the staff in the Cheerful Sparrows Wards at the QEQM Hospital – and our work in the wider local community is now more important than ever.
We are working hard to help local people during this Coronavirus crisis. Individuals and families, who were already facing extreme hardship before it began, desperately need our help. Working with professionals such as Social Workers, Early Help Workers and Teachers, we are providing beds and bedding for children, for example. We are trying to make sure that home means a safe, restful place when the world out there is uncertain.
We now need your help so that we can help the people of Thanet who need it most. Please will you help us by making a  donation?

Whatever you can afford will make a big difference to the lives of local people.
Thank you
P.S. Let us hope that we will all be making footprints in the sand again very soon.

AGM 2020 – Postponed

Following UK Government Coronavirus guidelines, the AGM of the Cheerful Sparrows Thanet Charity, due to take place in May 2020, has been postponed for at least three months. We will notify members in July if the AGM can take place in August.

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to all the local people, groups and organisations who have helped us during the past months by answering our plea for help, published at the end of last year. As you know our financial situation in 2018 was dire and committee members were certain that we would not be able to continue after May 2019. We believed that our work helping those in need in Thanet would end. However, our Chair has been putting the case for the Cheerful Sparrows Thanet Charity to groups and organisations. Many of these have given generous donations to the Charity. The committee members have also been spreading the word. As a result some of you have donated to us, some on a regular basis; others have been fund raising with marathon running, quizzes and concerts; local shops have collecting boxes and supermarkets have been aiding us. We are delighted that our funds are now more healthy and we hope we can continue to support the local community for some months to come.
However, please continue to remember to support our charity in whatever way you can. You may even consider leaving us a donation in your will.