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A Big Thank You

A big thank you to all the local people, groups and organisations who have helped us during the past months by answering our plea for help, published at the end of last year. As you know our financial situation in 2018 was dire and committee members were certain that we would not be able to continue after May 2019. We believed that our work helping those in need in Thanet would end. However, our Chair has been putting the case for the Cheerful Sparrows Thanet Charity to groups and organisations. Many of these have given generous donations to the Charity. The committee members have also been spreading the word. As a result some of you have donated to us, some on a regular basis; others have been fund raising with marathon running, quizzes and concerts; local shops have collecting boxes and supermarkets have been aiding us. We are delighted that our funds are now more healthy and we hope we can continue to support the local community for some months to come.
However, please continue to remember to support our charity in whatever way you can. You may even consider leaving us a donation in your will.

AGM 2019

Our AGM was held on Thursday 9th May 2019. Here is our Chair’s up beat report.

Chair’s Report for the AGM May 2019

At the end of my second year as Chair of Cheerful Sparrows, I am more than pleased to say that we have actually managed to keep the charity going. Our vital work has been acknowledged through the support of local people. Without that support we would have had to close the charity six months ago, after nearly a hundred years of being a safety net for the local community. We are really grateful to all of those people who have helped us. We in turn are pleased that we can help to make a brighter future for the people of Thanet who need our help most.

It has been a tough year and a lot of our efforts have gone into fundraising. We have had Quiz Nights, Westwood Cross Events, A Fundraising Supper, Carol Singing Events at Christmas and regular Fundraising Days and Awareness-Raising at the QEQM Hospital with the help of Drapers Mills School. As Chair, I have been pleased to be invited to talk to several local groups about our charity throughout the course of the year.

At the start of the year, realistically, we were facing the awful prospect of closing down, so a special word of thanks here to all the local groups and individuals who have supported us when we needed it most. Westwood Cross Community Hub, The Bradstow Singers, Broadstairs Sailing Club, Broadstairs Rotary Club, The Licensed Victuallers Association, Tesco and Asda have all been particularly helpful in this difficult time. Thanks also to Newington Children’s Centre, St. John’s Freemasons’ Lodge in Margate, St. Andrews Women’s Group and The Voyagers Mission in Broadstairs and The Kent Police. Thanks to the Old Rotarians at North Foreland and Margate Rotary Club and Lester’s in Margate as well. We were very pleased to be the charity supported by the Thanet Cider and Beer Festival this year. A special ‘Thank you’ to the Warblers Singers for supporting us with regular quiz nights which are most enjoyable. Thank you too to the local shops who house our collection pots and many local individuals who have helped us. In particular, I would like to mention Janice Lee-Miller who ran the London Marathon recently to raise money for our charity.

We have been working really hard to raise awareness of Cheerful Sparrows this year and the fact that so many local people are mentioned above means that the hard work was worth it. We make every donation count from a penny to a pound, so thanks to all of you for thinking of us. Be assured that every penny of our funds goes towards helping local people who are facing extreme hardship in Thanet. This year we are proud to have helped fifty local families, including 102 children

In spite of our best efforts, although things have improved slightly, our funds are still likely to run out by this time next year. We are working hard and are determined that Cheerful Sparrows should continue the essential work in our local community. Please support us in whatever way you can. Thank you.

Janis Buckley
Chair of Cheerful Sparrows