When they have nowhere else to turn, we help local families and individuals referred to us by professional organisations such as social workers, health visitors, children’s centres, homeless charities, schools, Homestart. Referral numbers continue to be high and average around ten each month.

Those in need may be the child who is going to school with holes in their shoes,for example…..And a family who are very grateful for a good second-hand washing machine – so that they can send their children to school in clean clothes or the elderly patient  who is just out of hospital and needs a new bed for a decent night’s sleep.

So as you can see our grants to help people vary from small amounts – such as £50 towards a child’s school shoes and uniform – up to a usual maximum of £250 which may be needed for a child’s bed or a second-hand cooker or washing machine, or basic furniture. Every penny of our funds goes towards helping local people change their lives for the better.

We have tried really hard to raise more funds. We don’t have a major project, so despite our best efforts, we don’t qualify for lottery funding or support from large companies.

We are a small charity that helps local people in small ways but this makes a big difference to their lives. For many it is a turning point. With your help, we can help local people, especially children, look forward to a brighter future……