The Cheerful Sparrows Ward


The Thanet (formerly Margate) branch was formed in 1925. It is believed that this branch is the sole remaining Cheerful Sparrows Charity.

By 1939 The Cheerful Sparrows Thanet Charity had raised almost £25,000 of which £20,000 went towards building the Margate General Hospital. As a thank you, and as a constant reminder, the Cheerful Sparrows Ward was named.

We continue actively to support the Cheerful Sparrows Ward at QEQM with items that may help the day to day comfort of patients and the running of the ward, such as shampoo, soaps, shaving foam, combs, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste. To combat the heat in the summertime we provided large standalone  and handheld fans and, for the patients’ belongings, small bedside trays. The patients notes are kept tidy in bed end holders sourced from the Charity’s funds and our recent purchase of a Sara Stedy Aid has proved invaluable. In helping improve patient mobility, the staff are now able to transport immobile patients to the toilet and bathroom faciities, whilst maintaining their privacy and dignity. Moreover, using the aid, the patients have been able to get to quiet areas to talk to their families and the doctors. Staff report that patient morale and well-being have improved as a result.

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